My First Blog post…

So I’ve had the intention of starting a blog for quite a while now, for a few reasons, one of which was to improve my writing. Being from the North of England, my speaking language contains a lot of strange words, and sometimes improper grammar and although I am confident in my written English, there is always space to improve.

The next difficult task was to choose something which seemed worthwhile to write about for my first blog post. After all, I wanted it to be fun and engaging, and be able to say something about me, and hopefully be enough to make me sound interesting enough.

And so, I figured. Why not the place which stole my heart when I visited the Tokyo on my second trip?
Although, not actually a part of Tokyo, that place is Yokohama.
(This also happens to be the subject of my header image, which features Yokohama’s Cosmo Clock 21, a giant Ferris wheel at Cosmo World)

It would be too much to write all of the things I like about Yokohama in one blog post, and so this will be something of an introduction to the city, and I shall expand on the city in further posts.

As soon as I arrived in Yokohama on the 15th of June, 2016, I knew this was somewhere I would love to live. However, it was the Minato Mirai 21 area which really caught hold of my heart.

The areas name means “harbour of the future” and given the number of large buildings there, it definitely has a futuristic feel to it, while the waterside aspect of it assures visitors that it is still a harbour.

My own cup noodles! I loved the inflatable bag they were housed in.

There is also so much to do in this area, including the Cup Noodle museum, which tells visitors all about the history of instant noodles and even allows visitors to personalise and create their own cup noodle. This is done so both with the packaging and ingredients in the cup. Although this experience does cost extra on top of the price of admission, it is a must for anyone who has always wanted their noodles to have exactly what they want in them! (My own cup noodles featured a badly drawn frog, rabbit and dog, which look nothing like how they were supposed to, which tells you how amazing I am at art.) The museum itself is interesting and even contains a wall of all the different instant noodles which have been sold by Nissin and does so in chronological order. Admittedly, most of these wouldn’t be recognisable to someone from the West, however, it’s interesting to see, nevertheless.

Instant noodle wall!

The Minato Mirai area is home to some incredible places, and has things for all types of people. The area has a few shopping areas including the Red Brick Warehouse Landmark Plaza (which holds a Pokemon Centre for those who want to visit em’ all!)

Personally though, one of my favourite places was Cosmo World, an amusement park which can easily be found thanks to the large Ferris Wheel, Cosmo Clock. The rides there are fairly mixed, with the park having rides such as a small roller coaster and a merry-go-round for children or those who would prefer rides without the thrills, as well as a large dive roller coaster and a log flume, (which practically took my breath away) for those who enjoy the feeling of their heart jumping out of their chest.
And it just wouldn’t be right to visit Cosmo World without riding their famous Cosmo Clock. Being afraid of heights I was quite hesitant to ride it, and it did take a while of convincing. However, I’m quite glad it took a while, as I meant I was able to ride it when it was quite dark, and the views only became much more stunning because of that. It was absolutely amazing seeing Yokohama at that level. At one side I was able to see Cosmo World and many of the tall buildings in the area, and at the other I was able to see the sea. The darkness in the sky, along with all of the lights of the buildings only made the sight that much more breathtaking.

A view from Cosmo Clock, showing an area of Cosmo World

Yokohama is a wonderful city to visit, and on this blog post, I only touched upon a small area of it. The city is even more ideal considering it’s close proximity to Tokyo.
To get to the Minato Mirai area, all you need to do is jump on the Shonan-Shinjuku JR Line towards Odawara, (which takes around 25 minutes)getting off at Yokohama Station and then take a 3 minute ride on the Minatomirai Line towards Motomachi-Chukagai. And it doesn’t cost much either, personally I used a Suica card, (which I may discuss in a later blog) however, having done some research, it appears it should be less than ¥500 one-way.
It really is so simple, and well worth the visit if you have the chance!


, Amzee